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Clara Oswald (aka The Slut of the Universe) is the lead character in the series The Fuck Choronicles of Clara Oswald. As stated by the Twelfth Doctor, "She has the perfect everything. Her ass, her boobs, her looks". She enjoyed sex with the Twelfth Doctor the most, yet she also thoroughly enjoyed sex with the other incarnations of the Time Lord as well as countless monsters from around the universe. The Twelfth Doctor became aware of Clara's anticts with other creatures, and despite initial annoyance at Clara, he soon came to accept that she fucked people other than him on a fairly regular basis.

Biography Edit

Clara Oswald never engaged in a sexual relationship with the Eleventh Doctor, despite it being very clear that he wanted to be in one. After he regenerated Clara became the girlfriend of fellow teacher at Coal Hill Secondary School, Danny Pink. After about a month they began a sexual relationshIp. Clara loved being fucked by Danny, not having enough experience to know any better that his four inch cock was tiny.

One day after fucking Danny in her apartment, the TARDIS materialised and the Twelfth Doctor hopped out. The Doctor then fucked her on end for hours, Clara getting a real taste of sex.

IMG 0414

Clara Oswald after her first fuck with the Twelfth Doctor

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